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TCM Aesthetic VS Western Medicine Aesthetic Procedures

TCM Aesthetic Procedures

Western Medicine Aesthetic Procedures

Overall Appearance

Improving the facial contour and three-dimensionality of features without altering the bone structure.

Altering the native facial features and natural bone structure.

It can slim down the face, and the results of the treatment can be maintained for a long period (excluding cases of broad facial structure caused by bone issues).

Although it can slim down the face, the results require long-term follow-up treatments to maintain, and it cannot address facial broadness caused by puffiness.

Chinese aesthetic practices do not erase personal style and characteristics; instead, they focus on improving facial contours and three-dimensionality of features, allowing clients to enhance their uniqueness and radiate elegance.

It can be challenging to fully preserve individual characteristics, as aesthetic and plastic surgery outcomes tend to lean towards standardization.

Each session involves a comprehensive transformation of the entire face, including adjustments to facial contours and features.

Each cosmetic procedure can only target specific areas or issues at a time and cannot achieve a complete full-face adjustment in one session

It is possible to slow down skin aging, reduce wrinkles, and give the skin a natural radiance and healthy complexion through the stimulation of meridian acupoints

It can visually diminish signs of skin aging, reduce wrinkles, and promote smoother and more refined skin texture.

Facial sagging and drooping can be significantly improved by stimulating the meridians and lifting the deep fascial layers. Although multiple sessions may be required, the results are remarkable and can be maintained over the long term.

The common method for improving facial sagging and drooping is often facelift surgery, which can show quick results. However, it is a more invasive procedure with higher risks, longer recovery period, and typically limited to a maximum of two surgeries in one’s lifetime.

Swelling in various areas can be resolved. Since swelling is caused by meridian blockage, unblocking the meridians can alleviate the swelling.

It cannot address face puffiness issues, such as puffy under-eye bags, puffy upper eyelids, puffy double chin, and puffy cheeks.

It can change a person’s expression, complexion, and make dull eyes appear brighter and more lively.

It cannot change a person’s expression and complexion.

For concave areas, by unblocking the meridians and stimulating the fascial layers, it promotes smooth circulation of Qi and blood, tightens the skin and muscles, thereby addressing the issue of concavity.

Filling is often required to make the face appear fuller. However, there can be potential issues with fillers, such as displacement or incomplete absorption, which may lead to subsequent facial swelling, unevenness, or other related issues.

It can address various facial asymmetries, including those caused by facial paralysis and residual effects of stroke, and can have positive effects in improving these conditions.

It cannot resolve facial asymmetry caused by facial paralysis, stroke, or other underlying factors completely. Additionally, it may not be able to fully balance other causes of facial asymmetry.

It is risk-free and has no side effects. It is a non-invasive and extremely safe procedure.

Any surgery and invasive treatments carry risks and side effects, and the potential side effects of some cosmetic procedures are not yet well-established.

While enhancing beauty, it also benefits health and can be used as a long-term maintenance method. It has certain health benefits for vision, sense of smell, dental health, and hearing.

Most cosmetic procedures cannot be done repeatedly or on a long-term basis. It is difficult to maintain their effects, and often, undergoing multiple procedures can limit the outcomes of subsequent treatments.

Localized Features

It can help reduce puffiness and thickness of the upper eyelids, making them appear tighter and more firm. However, it cannot create double eyelids.

It is possible to create different types of double eyelids and perform procedures such as eyelid opening (epicanthoplasty).

It is suitable for addressing various causes of under-eye bags.

Not all types of eye bag problems are suitable for treatment. Puffy under-eye bags may come back after the procedure, and tear trough-type under-eye bags may result in a more pronounced hollow appearance in the long term.

It can reduce the size of the nasal tip, elevate the nose, and also improve issues related to rhinitis and nasal congestion. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the appearance of the nose is often associated with overall health. By stimulating meridian acupoints, it is believed to improve health and address the underlying causes of nasal issues, thereby resolving nasal shape problems.

It is possible to alter the shape of the nose through procedures such as rhinoplasty or tissue removal.

It can improve the length and three-dimensionality of the philtrum.

It is possible to lengthen or shorten the philtrum through surgical procedures.

It can improve thin lips, protruding lips, drooping corners of the mouth, and sagging oral commissures.

It is possible to improve the shape of the lips through interventions such as injectable fillers, orthognathic surgery, or thread lifting.

It is possible to make targeted adjustments to the length and position of the chin, taking into account health and lifestyle factors.

Often, surgical procedures and fillers are required to change the appearance of the chin, such as placing implants or performing localized liposuction.